We are a 501(c)(3) organization, funded by the generosity of our donors. 

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2016 & 2017 #1 Ranked Amateur Road Cycling Team on the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour

Development is a process of growing and though we have had huge success as a team along the way our true wins come from this growth process.  Our goals are achieved when we help young talent find potiential and direction beyond their personal comforts.  Some will move up the ranks in the world of cycling and some will move on to be great leaders, mentors and contributors in other ways.  Yes, winning and being #1 is fun, but it does not always take you where you are meant to be.  

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Gateway Devo Cycling Team

We are the stepping stone for young cyclist to develop what it takes to move to the pro ranks while also growing their moral foundation as contributors for life to their community of families across the globe.  Our initiative to support the Strider Education Foundation is because like them, we believe that cycling can be foundational for living an active, healthy and fulfilling life.  Bringing cycling into the Kindergarten and 1st grade classes across the county will drive this lifestyle that will help childhood obesity, get kids back outside and give them the confidence kids need to develop early in life.

Special thank you to Bob Roll, CyclologicDLA Piper Bicycle Passport and Trek Bicycle for including us in their awesome event benefiting the Tour de Cure! So grateful for the opportunity!!