We are a 501(c)(3) organization, funded by the generosity of our donors. 

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We are a 501c3 with a mission of changing the world 2 wheels at a time.  Cycling is more than just a sport.  It is where a family unites within groups of people that together have fun, feel pain, push limits, exceed expectations, get fit, discover mental clarity and sometimes laugh and cry at the same time. 


Current and Future Plans

Gateway Devo Cycling Team-  Developing and giving young athletes the means to create an opportunity to compete from the Junior level all the way to the Pro level.  All while promoting and giving support to the Strider Education Foundation in their "Adopt a School Program".  We will be spreading the joy and rewards that cycling has to offer to Kindergarten and 1st grade classes across the country. Our current development program only offers support to young men at the level of already showing the potential to make the pros.  With expanded partners we would like to grow to Juniors and women.

Livin Life - 2 Wheel Adventure Park-  Building a safe family cycling park for all levels and skills is the goal.  Offering mountain bike trails, pump track, cycling park with obstacles and an indoor pump track.  A indoor training center will also be available to add to the communities joy and quality of life through cycling.  This facility will allow us to offer special needs camps, after school clinics, Special Olympic partnerships and truly move us towards our vision for our community.  We want to support NICA in bringing the sport of mountain bike racing to our high schools and support other outside programs that benefit all children and are in line with all kids having the chance to ride bikes.

Connect StL Co to JeffCo-  Jefferson County has the best cycling roads around, we know all types of riders that come down to enjoy the curvy, hilly and non traffic miles of back roads.  We plan to help create a safe biking route and trail system to get from Grants trail in South County to our Cycling Park and the roads of Jefferson County MO.  Not only will this offer safe riding but will also have a positive economic impact on the community.

Ideas to grow and cover the cost associated with our initiatives- To insure the longevity and maintenance of the adventure park and to grow our ability to provide development programs camps and clinics we will work towards being partially self-sustaining.  Applying for grants and seeking out partnerships will drive success of our mission and ability to expand.