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Joe Martin Stage Race, Day 1

April 13, 2018

                                                Photo Album 

by Snowy Mountain Photography


Weather was good, a little windy and man it was a tough day for the guys.  Like always everyone on the the Team goes into the race with a specific job.  We were riding for Dennis Ramirez , Matt Zimmer and Scott Mcgill and it was the job of Reece Robinson, Evan Bausbacher,  Joel Yates and Spencer Downing to cover the early moves, which they did.  The big break got established and Dennis Ramirez was there. As the race was coming down to crunch time  Brendan Rhim and Lionel Mawditt took off.  The remaining riders in the break were beginning to shatter so Dennis Ramirez  took off to chase.  Ruben Companioni bridged up to Dennis Ramirez and things were looking awesome until an unfortunate regurgitation from Dennis took place and he lost his cookies on the side of the road.


Dennis Ramirez couldn't recover fast enough from the vomiting and ended up dropping back.  Everyone road hard and we finished up being 6th overall in the Team GC and with Scott Mcgill 6th in the U23 Category.  Congratulations to the Holowesko|Citadel Team and today we are looking forward to gnarly conditions and a controlled race that ends with a fast finish!!  The 109.8 mile road race starts for us at 11:30.


"Take note of the positives and learn from mistakes.  Tomorrow is a new day!"...Brett Wachtendorf


Gateway Harley-Davidson Trek Development Team give a big thanks to all the workers and volunteers out at the Joe Martin Stage Race, we appreciate you!!


Follow our twitter, @GHDCycling  for live updates of today's Stage!!!!


                                                Stage 1 Results






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