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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

 Strider Academy for Down syndrome kids from ages 3-7

Having a sister with Down syndrome I learned 1st hand how precious and capable these children are. We want to provide an opportunity in the earlier stages of life to show Down syndrome kids just how capable they are and that we believe in them. The special kind of love Down syndrome kids express goes beyond words and hugs. The commitment, loyalty and drive to improve in everything they do are common amongst down syndrome individuals. To work with my sister Sarah is like working with someone who is excited everyday to just be here. Someone that wants to do extra and wants to help beyond her assigned duties. I have heard from HR professionals how they wish all their employees had Sarah's attitude and desire to learn. Fortunate for Sarah she had lots to keep up with as she is #9 out of 10 children with parents that allowed her to participate at some level in all the things us kids were doing. If you have or know a Down syndrome child than you know why we call them special. 

We can spend our entire life in a swirl of trying to get ahead, please others and keep up with the grind...Or we can risk wealth, comforts and guarantees to chase after what we are most passionate about.  It never feels like work when you know it's what you were meant to be doing!  Material things come and go, the joy and life changing moments you give others is what makes you rich!